Fuzebox, an open-source game console

ladyada has released the Fuzebox, an open-source 8-bit game console. Features:

  • Full 256 simultaneous output colors, 240×224 pixel resolution
  • Tile & sprite support
  • Two player ports, either with Super Nintendo or classic Nintendo controllers (although the kit comes with SNES)
  • NTSC RCA composite and S-video out (PAL not supported at this time :( )
  • 4 channel PCM output mono audio for music and effects
  • SD/MMC card support for future expansion
  • Built on an Atmel AVR core, 64KB flash and 4KB of RAM
  • Main microcontroller chip is preprogrammed with an STK500-compatible (sometimes referred to as Arduino-compatible) bootloader
  • Write game code in C, using fully open source tools on any platform

You can purchase a kit, or assemble it from schematics and source.

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