VGA to USB Power Adapter

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

gmgfarrand posted this Instructable on how to create a VGA to USB charging adapter. It’s great for those whose netbooks only have two or three USB ports, and would like to charge a cell phone or iPod without tying up a port. Only requires a few bucks worth of parts and some soldering skills. via […]

HOW-TO: ATX Benchtop Power Supply

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

You Will Need: An old ATX computer power supply Some binding posts A switch Standard modder tools Prepping the PSU Open the power supply’s case and remove the fan. Locate the wires that are needed. For a standard power supply, these will be Yellow: +12v Red: +5v Black: Ground Blue: -12v White: -5v Orange: +3.3v […]